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Boogie Heads is suitable for all audiences and produces an instant music video... and laughter on the spot.  Using state-of-the-art "Chroma-Key" (Green Screen) technology, guests choose from different videos and can see their video as they participate.  They don't have to sing or even know the song --  JUST BOUNCE YOUR HEAD!

Meanwhile, other guests watch on a big screen monitor as it happens.  Many People want to try it next, everyone is laughing hysterically -- you have a hit at your event!

Resolution lower for web viewing.  Actual videos are High Resolution DVD quality.
Great for:

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES - Everyone wants something better than last year!
  • CORPORATE PARTIES - Include your brand or logo and generate buzz at your events.
  • PROMOTIONAL EVENTS - Boogie Heads draws crowds and makes for memorable events
  • STREET FAIRS & AMUSEMENT PARKS - Easy set-up and easy to run.  This portable system is flexible in almost every situation.
  • BARS/CLUBS/RESTAURANTS  - Have your customers laughing and coming back for more.  This system is Karaoke TIMES TEN!!!
  • FUNDRAISERS - Unique Ideas cause people to reach deeper.